Love of Cocktails

LOC 'Love of Cocktails' is a new brand of Evelyn Chick Projects (previous operator and designer of Salty Paloma Cocktail Kits). LOC is proud to offer a carefully curated selection of cocktail kits and beverage programs from unique recipes to virtual and in-person cocktail classes in Toronto. We ship Canada-wide and is the perfect service for custom and corporate gifting!
Stay tuned for cocktail recipes, cocktail kits and open cocktail classes!
All cocktail kits are carefully packaged and sanitized by hand and operated out of Ahma, a premier event space on Queen St West.

About Evelyn Chick

Evelyn is a highly accredited specialist in the world of wine, spirits and the anatomy of all things bar & beverage residing in Toronto.  She has a gleaming resume of globally-recognized certifications including WSET Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Spirits. She was also crowned Global Beefeater MIXLDN champion in 2015. 
She is the founder of Evelyn Chick Projects Inc. , owner of Ahma - a pop up and event space on Queen St West Toronto and Love of Cocktails- Canada’s premier beverage service, curating world class cocktail experiences, custom kits and corporate gifts for drink enthusiasts around North America. 
'Believe in that one sip and one bite, can alter your momentary existence'